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February 14, 2011


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Alexandre Cardoso

Hello , I'll take the chance to take a question and ask for help:

Need to know if the communication between Civil 3D and Oracle's Primavera ( through NavisWorks ) work? It's simple, NavisWorks , I need to list the tasks generated and imported from Oracle's Primavera project items with Civil 3D , and see the outcome according the the timeline of tasks .

If yes , where can we find success stories about it here in Brazil I got nothing . Can you help?

Jack Strongitharm

It is easy.

You simply create a link to the file and all your tasks are shown in Naviworks.

Then you can either select a task and the objects manually, or you can create rules to attach tasks to objects based on their name, layer etc.

Once its setup the files are paired and you can make changes in the schedule and the results are shown then in your simulation of the project.

Not sure if we have a specific case study with Primavera mentioned, but they are all here



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