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September 03, 2010


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Is it possible to do the same thing with Civil 3D 2010?

Jack Strongitharm

You can do this in any version of Civil 3D.
Only the drape aerial photo was specific to 2008 version.

Good luck



Couldn't you just an user contour at the level required then extract it?

It should give the same result without the additional featureline & volume work.

Jack Strongitharm

Yes that would work also, just tried it.
Just set your surface style to user contour and in the analysis set the water level.

I guess my original method will also give you a volume which could be useful.

Thanks for your comments, always good to discuss methods and find the quickest and easiest route.


Brian Hailey

The user defined contour is great for those situations where the flood level is constant but, when the flood level changes along the river reach (pretty rapid in most parts around here), then the two surface method is the only way I know of to do this. The only caveat is it won't identify backwater areas.


Very useful and easy.
Thanks from Brazil.



Hi, I'm using C3D 2007 , surface creation from the rectangle feature, there's no triangulation surface type other than Tin surface, grid surface, grid volume surface and Tin volume surface. Am I missing something. Thanks for your reply.

Jack Strongitharm

If you use the US English version it is the TIN Surface option. The British English version I use and control the glossary for, I changed the term to suit our location to what people are used to here.

Hope that is clear


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