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August 12, 2010


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Alexandre Cardoso

Gostaria de sua ajuda a respeito de algumas dúvidas bem específicas do Civil 3D 2010:
• Como faço pra limitar o comprimento das arestas de uma triangulação, afim de reduzir o trabalho na correção da mesma?
• Como faço pra gerar “figuras” de levantamento (linhas de guia, eixo de rua, etc.) automaticamente?
• Como faço para descobrir caminhos naturais de água sobre uma superfície (Hidraflow)?
"I would like your help on some specific questions and Civil 3D 2010:
• How do to limit the length of the edges of a triangulation in order to reduce the work on correcting it?
• How do I generate to "figures" survey (sidewalk lines, the axis of the street, etc..) automatically?
How do I find nature trails of water on a surface (Hidraflow)?"

Jack Strongitharm

Couldn't traslate the top part of your question, so ask again if you can as I see your english is good.

Limiting triangulation, little tip, in the properties under build limit the triangle length to a sensible value, then you can extract the boundary and re add it as an outer boundary and then make minor grip edits to remove the rest.

Survey, in 2010 you need the figure code to exist in your figure prefix database and it will always start the line of that code, you then can interactively add an end code to stop it.

Surface water drop, select your surface and water drop tool is in the ribbon.

Hope that helps


Jack Strongitharm


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