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May 08, 2009


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Account Deleted

Genio Import/Export tool would be really helpful for people using MXRoad and Autocad.
I have second concern, That if I import anything from Microstation or to say Bentley products in Autocad most of the time text style, standard blocks are not recognized or for that matter even formatting also gets changed.
For that reason I have reservations using import/export between Autocad and Bentley products.
Any comments or suggestions, this could be used better?


Jack Strongitharm

I don't really have that much knowledge on Microstation personally. Generally the priority on data transfer is accuracy of geometry. With the GENIO tool that we supply, your template in Civil 3D can match everything 100% because we have styles that can receive the data and format to suit.

Thanks for the comment.

Jack Strongitharm

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