Borehole Importer for Civil 3D imports data files containing borehole information and creates Civil 3D points and / or boreholes in Profile View.

Borehole Importer can import following file formats :

Several files can be read simultaneously. Borehole Importer for Civil 3D can create points at the location of the boreholes, and at each separation of soil layers at this borehole a new Civil 3D Point is created. Second, the Importer Borehole draws boreholes in a Profile View, at the correct location and scale.

Starting the program

The program can be started via the Toolbox. Alternatively, the file "Boreholes.dll" can be read with the AutoCAD command "netload". Then Borehole Importer is started with the command 'RBD'.


Check if the supplied file is supported.

Next choose the correct settings in the settings tab.

Choose the data to import and actions to be performed on the import tab.

Import the data and select the coordinates (if applicable).

Check the status of the files after processing at the import tab.

If errors occur, check the Event Viewer.



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